Send a Card, Deliver a Smile

Who are you thinking of? With the events of 2020 and 2021, many people have discovered, or rediscovered, the pleasure and comfort that greeting cards and hand-written notes can bring as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family. Greeting cards are an opportunity to bridge the physical distance between us and our loved ones in these challenging times. Visit your local Paper Plus Store to find the perfect card just to say I’m thinking of you.

Thinking of You Week begins on June 20th.

Thinking Of You Week. Every Week.

Thinking of You Week is a special week that harnesses the emotional power of greeting cards to create a wave of love, caring and happiness. But in the current climate of social distancing, it’s become more important than ever to ensure our friends, family and loved ones are not feeling the pinch of isolation. The written word, inside a thoughtful greeting card can make the all difference.

So we invite you to make every week a Thinking of You Week. Join us as we bridge the social distancing gap…


Take a look at our gallery of fabulous Thinking of You Week Greeting Cards!

Brought to you by John Sands & Paper Plus.

We Kiwis, we love our cards, and so does Paper Plus! We have stores all across the country so you will never have to go far to find one. Our cards are sentimental, poetic, funny, risky, religious, for mum, for brothers, for teachers, for lovers, for your neighbour to thank them for borrowing that cup of sugar or for a friend to say thanks for that delicious meal and sometimes for no occasion at all- just because we want to say that we’re thinking of you!

When Sir Henry Cole created the first ever commercial greeting card back in 1846, he may not have realised that he’d created the first ever social media. A social media that transcends social distancing, and every distance! A social media that evokes emotions and memories like no other. Timeless and accessible to all.

So who are you thinking of? Send them a card, deliver a smile. It’s that easy!

Get Invoved with Thinking of you Week

We’ve pulled together lots of resources to help Paper Plus Stores and schools get involved with Thinking Of You Week. Our toolkit is packed with downloadable materials to help you. Together we can create a wave of happiness by sending greeting cards!

Thinking of you Week starts in